Partners of Trans/Non Binary/Gender Expansive

Group for those whose partner(s) identify as trans, non-binary, or gender expansive. A space for people experiencing challenges with supporting their partner(s), navigating relational changes, processing their emotional journey alongside their partners(s) gender identity journey, and/or who would benefit from connecting with others who have similar experiences.

Asexual Process Group

Group for those who identify as (or who are on a personal identity journey and may be) asexual, demi-sexual, grey-sexual, aromantic, demiromantic, greyromantic, etc. This group will provide space to discuss what this identity menas to you, work through challenges with this identity, and explore other related topics while building community and support with others of shared experiences.

Women’s Sex and Relationships Group

Is your sex life not what you’d like it to be? Have you questioned your sexual orientation? Are you exploring what pleasure looks like for you (kink, BDSM, polyamory, etc)? Do you feel your sex knowledge is lacking? Do you feel like something is wrong with you because sex just isn’t a priority in your relationship? Do you wish you could talk about this stuff with your friends or get support from other women? This group is for women of all orientations to discuss, get support, and learn how to manage issues related to sex and relationships.