Annette is a truly empathic therapist. She always offers an open-minded perspective and is great at responding with an “active listening” approach—responding without judgment and prompting with questions that provoke deeper self-reflection. She provides concrete strategies and exercises when appropriate (meditation, self-reflection, etc). Annette is the perfect therapist for anyone in need of compassionate care.

Annette was great. I worked with her through a really hard time until I was back on my feet. I really appreciate my time with her.

Annette is easy to talk to, understanding, very responsive. She’s helped challenge a lot of thoughts and issues I had.

Annette not only creates and fosters a safe space where I can feel free to discuss anything, she offers a ton of actionable steps that I can incorporate into my real life to help me cope. The techniques and skills I’ve learned are tangible, and are helping me on a daily basis.

Annette is a great listener, and has really helped by giving me a space to get all my thoughts out and then give me things to think about afterwards, or ways to look at things that I haven’t thought of before.

I feel like I’m growing so much, with Annette’s help!

Annette has been absolutely lovely to work with. She gives me an open floor at all times to talk about what I want I talk about, and sometimes those topics are things I want to discuss with family and friends. She listens, responds, poses questions that are pertinent – and she understands my community probably better than most. On top of it, she’s so nice and would be great for many folks in the LGBTQ community. I left my other therapist, down in NYC, to work with her virtually and I couldn’t be happier. I appreciate her so much, and believe she could help and be a friend to so many other people!

Annette is a good listener and meets me where I am. She has excellent emotional intelligence and understands what I need when we speak.

Annette is compassionate, is a good listener and is very easy to talk to. This was my first experience with online/phone counseling and it could not have been a better experience! I would highly recommend Annette as your counselor.

I have only worked with her for about two weeks but I am very pleased with her approach. She listens to understand, not to just reply. I went two days without replying and she reached out again which shows that I’m not just another client. In the two weeks, she has already taught me a technique that I have found useful with my anxiety. I still have a lot I would like to discuss but I am confident that Annette will be able to help me through it.